June 14, 2024

Hollywood Bets is one of those sports gambling platforms that began as betting shops. The company started in South Africa and somehow made its way to the international scenes where the revenue is terrific, and clients are many. Despite its numerous merits, Hollywoodbets sportsbook lacks an android apk that you can download and install on your phone. Instead, it has a functional mobile website. The good thing about this alternative platform is that you don’t have to download apk on google play to use it. All you need is a mobile browser and a smartphone that can connect to the internet.

Try To Use Mobile App!

How To Download & Install Hollywood Bets Android App and iOS App for iPhone/iPad

The Hollywood Mobile app is a web application that you can access from your mobile browser itself. They have focused on this unique approach because it is far lighter to run and doesn’t take precious space on your mobile phone. Here is a step by step approach to saving the Hollywood Mobile App:

  1. If you’re already registered log in to their website or click on the registration button to register;
  2. On the homepage locate and tap on the Apps menu option;
  3. On the directed mobile app download page of Hollywoodbets, you will see the Android, iOS download link and a QR Scan download for iOS;
  4. Choose your preferred download options and start enjoying a good time betting on your favorite sport all from your mobile device.

Hollywoodbets Mobile Version

Hollywoodbets mobile website comes with a unique design. The interface features an alluring purple theme coupled with white highlights. Besides, the arrangement of components is more admirable compared to that of the desktop version. However, what will thrill you most is the straightforward layout and the responsive controls. A simple tap is adequate to instantly initiate an action, giving you access to different website sections. Finally, the management used hi-tech graphics to ensure the website appearance is perfect, and the pictures stand out. That’s why you will need a compatible phone to access the platform.

Try To Use Mobile App!

What Betting Options Does Mobile App Offer

You get access to almost every kind of significant sports offering being played across the globe. In total, you can bet on more than 20 sports with a single click making an instant wager on the contestant team of your choice.

Essentially you get three simple bet choices that a player can make

  • Bet- It is a simple betting option that adds another one on your slip;
  • Multiple Bets- One click and you can add numerous chances in one go to cover all your bases;
  • Yankee- Make things more interesting and raise the stake with a Yankee on your slip;

Try To Use Mobile App!

Furthermore, make bets on different sections of the games in progress, allowing you never to miss an opportunity to earn. You can also make bets that are more long form league types requiring a team to win multiple matches.


Hollywood Bets platform is an ever-growing legal platform available online and offline. The name itself represents an aspirational quality of living like a multimillionaire celebrity. It represents the idea that every bet has the power to change your fate. It has touched the lives of many, becoming a source of side revenue with smartness and knowledge of the game.

Try To Use Mobile App!

Their mobile app is an instant success bringing the platform to millions of people who do not have proper smartphones. So it’s now time to gamble and bet on games happening worldwide to have fun with.

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